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Kickstart My Cards

Written By: Harris Toser - May• 22•15

In the new Jun/Jul ’15 issue of Non-Sport Update, Topps reveals much about its upcoming Mars Attacks: Occupation card series. If you want to learn more about the second all-new Mars Attacks series, you should definitely pick up a copy.

For the story, we asked Topps’ Adam Levine if he thought more trading card projects would be crowd-funded through Kickstarter, just as Mars Attacks: Occupation will be. Levine had the following to say: “Well that’s a bit of a loaded question because I can’t speak for anyone but us, and I certainly don’t want to make any bold statements about our entire industry. I will say that we have no plans for Kickstarter beyond this one campaign for this one, strategic initiative. If I were to venture a guess, I’d speculate that any big company that does go to Kickstarter–in any industry—would do so for similar reasons: to support a smaller product for more niche audiences…A product that needs to connect directly with its audience to be successful.”

We also spoke to Levine about the storyline itself. Levine says collectors will meet new characters and new story elements in Occupation and that Topps “won’t lose sight of what makes Mars Attacks awesome: pulpy art, horrific scenes of alien mayhem, gruesome over-the-top craziness and of course a healthy dose of blood and babes.”

And finally, one other bit of info we were able to pull out of the “Master of Martians.” Levine tells us there will be more promos available for Occupation (such as the one found in the current issue) and more Mars Attacks products from licensees but Levine did not elaborate on the particulars of either.


Peaking Interest

Written By: Alan Biegel - May• 21•15

TwinPeaks Post

The on again off again continuation of the 1990 TV cult classic, Twin Peaks, is apparently on again. According to the Huffington Post, director David Lynch has agreed to return to the production after budgetary squabbles prompted his abrupt departure. The show is not envisioned as a reboot but rather as a third season for the series.

Kyle McLachlan will return as Agent Dale Cooper, with Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) and Dana Ashbrook (Laura’s boyfriend, Bobby) also expected to return. Announcements of other original cast members reprising their roles are possible. Twin Peaks aired on ABC in 1990 and 1991, and followed with a largely incomprehensible movie prequel, Fire Walk With Me, in 1992. The new series will air on Showtime in 2016, 25 years after the original TV production ceased. Lynch will direct the entire series which is expected to run more than nine episodes.

Scarce promo samples from the 1991 Twin Peaks Collectible Card Art set from Star Pics are shown above and below.

TP Rare

Gotham Comes to Philly

Written By: Alan Biegel - May• 19•15

Aaron Sagers interviews Ben McKenzie at Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia

The drizzly nights and darkly cloudy days of Gotham were well represented by Detective Jim Gordon recently at Wizard World, a major comic con event held annually in Philadelphia. Having previously starred as Ryan Atwood in the hit TV series, The O.C., actor Ben McKenzie is no stranger to episodic TV. Now in Gotham, the future Commissioner Gordon fights crime in the pre-Batman era. Backstories for familiar comics villains like The Penguin, The Riddler, Two Face, Scarecrow, The Dollmaker, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman are slowly developed and explored, all while millionaire Bruce Wayne is still growing up.

At Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia, McKenzie signed autographs and posed for fan photos. In addition, he participated in a Q&A session let by entertainment journalist, Aaron Sagers. During the forum, McKenzie advised that in the upcoming second season the show will become more serialized and less dependent on a story-of-the-week format. He also strongly suggested that The Joker, who was barely touched on in Season One, will have a much more prominent role in the new episodes. Gotham returns on FOX in the fall. More information on Wizard World Comic Cons can be found at

Oh Say Can You C3

Written By: Alan Biegel - May• 18•15

While Richard Parks of RRParks CARDS performs most phases of production himself, there are still some loose ends that take the proverbial village to pull together. Licensing, for example, is more than simply paying a fee for likeness rights and related indicia trademarks. It involves coordination and approvals on a number of issues.

For Parks’ current Three Stooges Chronicles project, the card manufacturer worked with C3 Entertainment, Inc., the licensing company for all things Stooges. Interestingly, the entertainment firm itself was originally founded in 1959 (under the name Comedy III Productions, Inc.) by the Three Stooges themselves. This was around the time the Stooges were being rediscovered by the first TV generation of kids.

Chronicles of The Three Stooges

“C3 Ent., Inc. and I have one perfectly common goal,” said Parks, “to produce the biggest, most thorough, entertaining AND achievable collectible Three Stooges trading card series with no limits (well… within the realm of the license which forbids Warner Brothers images). Obviously, we don’t always see eye to eye but there’s never any power tripping or ‘mean’ stuff going on. We sometimes have discussions about something I want to do or an artist I want to use but I think there’s a good mutual respect for the fact we are BOTH passionate about preserving the integrity of Larry, Moe, Curly, Shemp, Joe, and Curly Joe DeRita, not just as faces on a product but as human beings. And while the backs of the cards probably have more text on average than most other sport or non-sport cards, loaded with facts and trivia, I steer well clear of sordid history. And I think that goes over well with the licensor, and with every other licensor I’ve dealt with: passion for the subject, producing something respectful and FUN and regular, detailed and accurate communication is the goal. Working with C3 can be challenging sometimes…but together we’re creating one heck of a neat card collectible!”

Want to know more about the RRParks CARDS process? See the current Jun/Jul ’15 issue of Non-Sport Update magazine available through this website or at select newsstands and hobby shops.

Chronicles of The Three Stooges card back