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New York Comic Con 2014 – Another Success!

Written By: Batman - Oct• 15•14

The Non-Sport Update trio of Editor-In-Chief Alan Biegel, Production Manager Harris Toser, and myself once again traveled to the big city to attend and report on the 2014 version of the New York Comic Con. The show was as popular as ever as it was a complete sell-out before the doors even opened. And in fact, it was reported New York Comic Con’s 2014 attendance surpassed Comic Con International’s attendance (151,000 vs. 130,000).

We arrived via the Port Imperial Ferry which drops us off right behind the Javits Center where the show is held. The organizers do a fine job of getting people into the show with a minimum of wait time and we were able to get right in when we arrived. We spent the entire day walking the main floor of the show where you can find all the vendors and exhibitors, along with the Artist Alley which is also on the main floor down the hallway in another massive room.

Panels and autograph sessions are on the lower and upper levels but as we were only there for one day we did not get a chance to attend any panels or check out the autograph area as we didn’t even get to see everything on the main floor – we may have to go another day next year! Panel highlights for the weekend included The Walking Dead and Star Trek The Next Generation hosted by Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. George Clooney made a surprise appearance as well promoting his upcoming Disney film, Tomorrowland.

Usually each year there are one or two properties that stand out but this year, there was a good mix of just about everything including always popular franchises like The Walking Dead, Marvel Comics, and my personal favorite My Little Pony! There are all kinds of small press, book publishers, and vendors selling just about anything you can imagine, props, toys, shirts, and of course comics. We did spot some vendors selling non-sports cards and we did secure promo cards from SideKick and Topps, who were the two card manufacturers in attendance. We also picked up an exclusive Adventure Time promo from Abrams Publishing, but they were also distributing different cards on the other show days so completing a set of these will be a challenge!

As always, Cosplay plays a big role at NYCC, and they were out in force once again, with costumes that are professional quality to some that looked like they were that morning out of a garbage can! I complain because they clog up the aisles but even I have to admit that are fun to look at. Some popular themes this year were Guardians of the Galaxy and Disney’s Frozen.

A nice surprise for us was seeing our good friend Natalie (NL on Card Talk) all the way from San Diego, as we did not know she was coming until the day before. We met up with her in Artist Alley and after a long but fun day we went to Pio Pio, a nearby Peruvian restaurant that was excellent. We wrapped up the day with a return trip on the Ferry which boasts a fantastic view of the New York City skyline at night.

Make sure you get your badge early if you plan on attending next year as the show continues to grow in popularity. Next year’s fest will take place October 8-11, 2015. And be sure to take a look at the exclusive photo gallery below (all photos taken by Harris Toser).

Guardians of the Galaxy become Legendary

Written By: Harris Toser - Oct• 14•14

Upper Deck’s Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game has become the company’s top gaming property. The series has two core sets (Legendary & Villians) and has spawned three expansion sets: Dark City, Fantastic Four, and Paint the Town Red. Tomorrow, the Carlsbad, CA manufacturer is adding a fourth when the company adds characters from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy to the mix.

Guardians of the Galaxy will include 100 all new playable cards featuring original artwork. This expansion will feature the five key heroes from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot and Rocket Raccoon) as they get help from Nova to do battle with one of the evil masterminds; The Kree Supreme Intelligence. New game mechanics, schemes and tactics will add to the gameplay and these new cards will all be playable with cards from the previously released sets.

Guardians of the Galaxy

“Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer, and with that, Legendary fans have been inquiring about when they could add content of this misfit band of interstellar heroes to the game,” said Jason Brenner, Upper Deck’s manager of entertainment brands. “We couldn’t be more excited to give our fans what they want. Not only will the cards be a great addition to the game, but the original artwork really makes this set stand out.”

Guardians of the Galaxy will be released tomorrow, October 15, 2014.

And while we’re talking Upper Deck’s Legendary, allow us to spill the beans on the company’s plans for this weekend’s Philly Non-Sports Card Show. Upper Deck is giving away a set of four playable Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Cards featuring the character Mysterio in a black and white alternate art style. These will be available to anyone attending the show. See the cards below. Upper Deck tells us quantities are limited. Be sure to stop by the show and get yours!





Comic Con Strikes Again!

Written By: Alan Biegel - Oct• 11•14

Avengers and everyone else assemble! Comic Con is back in town; New York town that is. Loaded with all kinds of collectable merchandise, panels, celebrities, and other fun activities, this mega show has become the East Coast’s premier fan event.

New York Comic Con

George Clooney (yeah, that George Clooney) made a surprise visit to the show’s Tomorrowland panel on Thursday while Friday featured a Buffy tribute panel. On Saturday the dead rose at AMC’s The Walking Dead panel and on Sunday, well, if you go tomorrow you’ll find out for yourself!

The NSU team was onsite Friday. Below are a few starter photos from the show. Our jam-packed report and an additional pictures gallery will follow early this week, so keep watching this space!

New York Comic Con continues on Sunday. The show hours are 10 AM to 5 PM. For all the show details, visit the New York Comic Con website

Penny Dreadful Trading Cards Coming From Cryptozoic Entertainment

Written By: Harris Toser - Oct• 08•14

Penny Dreadful

We’ve learned today Cryptozoic Entertainment has been granted the license for a line of trading cards based on Penny Dreadful. The show, which has been renewed for a second season, airs on Showtime in the U.S. and Sky in the U.K. is a horror series detailing characters from 19th-century Irish and British fiction such as Frankenstein’s monster from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Abraham Van Helsing from Bram Stoker’s Dracula

An entire line of Penny Dreadful consumer goods are coming based on published reports including character figures and journals from Bif Bang Pow and Entertainment Earth; statuettes and board games from USAopoly; and fashion dolls from Tonner Doll Company. Other lines include wall calendars, posters, magnets, and more. And of course, trading cards from Cryptozoic Entertainment. Most of the products are expected throughout 2015.

Cryptozoic has at least one other brand new title to announce and will be doing so at the upcoming Philly Non-Sports Card Show on October 18 & 19 in Allentown, PA. Be sure to stop by the show and find out what it is!