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Nyuk! Nyuk! Stooges Sets No Joking Matter!

Written By: Charlie Novinskie - Jul• 22•14

Slapstick rules and it is back in vogue in a grand way! RRParks CARDS have undertaken a massive project that will represent the most comprehensive look at the Stooges ever. Even though there have been no less than seven card sets based on the antics of The Three Stooges, there’s apparently no shortage of material, nor is there, it appears, a lack of Stooges fanatics.

The first set dates back to 1959 with the most recent set being produced by Breygent back in 2005. Now, RRParks CARDS is about to present a chronological look at The Three Stooges that will be so comprehensive it will take four cards sets to present all of the material. Richard Parks availed himself to fill NSU in on all of his company’s plans for the Stooges sets and his enthusiasm is infectious.

How will the card sets break down?

Each of the four series takes on 50 of the shorts (with the final series covering the last 40 shorts but also featuring films with Curly Joe DeRita).  When a collector has all 190 base set cards in order they will have an index system for every single Three Stooges film, beginning to end, with cast, production crew, plot synopsis, release date, running time, etc.

Three Stooges - sample base card

What can we expect from the first series of cards?

Series One’s base set will cover, sequentially, Columbia’s The Three Stooges shorts starting with 1934′s Woman Haters (card #1) and ends with 1940′s No Census, No Feeling (card #50, the 50th Columbia short). Each card’s number corresponds to the film short—all in release order. Series One will be drop ship to Diamond the last week of August.

Can you outline the subsequent series of cards and when they will ship?

Sure, Series Two picks up with Columbia Pictures’ 51st Three Stooges short Cookoo Cavaliers from November 15, 1940 and concludes with the 100th short Hold That Lion from 1947. Again, always in sequential order. Series Two is planned for a Christmas release (and includes some really fun Christmas themed chase cards as well as some ‘stocking stuffer’ redemption super rare cards).

Series Three will come out sometime around May/June and will cover Columbia shorts #101 Brideless Groom and conclude with #150 Rip, Sew And Stitch.

Series Four I’m REALLY excited about because I’m a big fan of collecting monster cards (finished my hi grade Terror Tales a few months back… and nearly done with my Monster Midgees intact panel collection with only a few more ‘hi number’ panels left to go) and Halloween and Series Four figures to be an October 2015 release and C3 (the licensor) is allowing me some real latitude. Plus, the set will conclude the Columbia Pictures’ shorts #151 Bubble Trouble from 1953 up through the final Columbia Pictures’ Three Stooges short #190 Sappy Bull Fighters. The series’ will have cards of a Halloween theme with a Stooges and monster subset, specially commissioned art of a ‘spooky’ nature from ‘my’ talented Netherlands artist, and Halloween seasoned chase cards.

Three Stooges - Special Artist Card back

What can we expect in the line of chase cards?

The subsets of all the series’ are sort of ‘fill in the gaps’ cards covering the supporting actors, sideline trivia and genre, and fun ‘footnotes’ and such that are important to the chronicles of The Three Stooges, but which are not numbered in the base cards because the base cards are numbered along the lines of the chronological release of each of the Stooge films.

NOTHING random in the base/core sets—the whole point and ‘anchor’ idea of the series is everything is chronological and in exact order.

We can’t wait for this comprehensive set of cards. We thank Richard Parks for filling in our readers! For more detail on this slapstick-spectacular series, see the New & Noteworthy column in the current Aug/Sep issue of Non-Sport Update.


Terror in the Haunted House

Written By: Alan Biegel - Jul• 22•14

ScanIf welcoming monsters to Florida wasn’t enough, manufacturer Kurt Kuersteiner decided he needed to add maniacs to the mix in his new trading card product entitled (what else!) Monsters & Maniacs. “It’s a very innovative series…even by our standards,” said the Monsterwax representative.

Kuersteiner continued, “The inspiration for the card set came from running the Terror of Tallahassee haunted attraction [for 15] years. I had two objectives every night: 1. Scare the tar out of the customers, and 2. Make sure no one gets hurt. In fact, paranoia about customers getting hurt is what scares haunted house operators the most. You try not to obsess about it, but your mind can’t help but imagine all sorts of perils, real and unreal.

“Back in 2001, Tallahassee was also the target of several terror attacks (from Anthrax in the mail). Many people said it was too dangerous to open a haunted attraction that season because it was a perfect target for terrorism. We opened anyway, but it did set my mind wandering and worrying: what if a masked killer (or killers) were to slip into the haunt through one of the many exits? There are 13 of them and although they were locked on the outside, frightened customers routinely opened the doors from the inside to escape, unable to continue the tour. Our haunt was exceptionally big (20,000 square feet) and unusually long, taking 40 minutes to traverse through dark, twisting tunnels. It became increasingly intense, so a masked man could hang out by an exit and almost certainly encounter customers fleeing sooner or later.

Scan 2“To make matters worse, we had a very large cast. Between 30 and 60 people each night. It was impossible for the staff to know everyone else. If a stranger (or strangers) were to infiltrate the place in costume, they would likely be unchallenged for some time. And if they were to attack customers, any witness would likely assume it was part of the act. We were famous for featuring graphic illusions, including beheadings, cutting people in half, and even shooting someone in the head and blasting their brains out against the wall!

“Suffice it to say, such an attack never happened. But the ‘what if…’ worry was always there. That fear, along with working in a very dramatic and atmospheric setting, was the genesis of the Monsters & Maniac concept. Such a tragedy really could happen in any haunted house. After all, you’re in a dark place with masked strangers who are ‘pretending’ to want to kill you. You assume they are only acting and you’re really safe… but that’s only an assumption.”

As is fitting, Kuersteiner himself can be found within the cards. “I’m the manager who is murdered and then has his haunted attraction taken over by the killers. I’m basically the guy getting his throat throttled by a giant, living corpse!”

Scan 3Only 500 24-pack numbered boxes will be made. The main source for Monsters & Maniacs is through the website and by mail order at Monsterwax, 3202 Enterprise Drive, Tallahassee FL 32312. The cards are also available at cards shows like Philly Non-Sports and Alt.con and, of course, at Kuersteiner’s new haunted house (just 1/2 mile from the old one) and at other selected haunts. As Kuersteiner said about his resurrected spook house, “I guess you can’t keep a good corpse down!”

For more information about this frightful trading card product, see the article, Tales of Tallahassee Terror, in the current Aug-Sep issue of Non-Sport Update.

MNS Cards at Comic Con

Written By: Harris Toser - Jul• 21•14

MNS Cards logoGoing to Comic Con International this week? Mark Abent from MNS Cards has checked-in to give us the lowdown on his company’s offerings.

First of all, let’s talk promos. MNS Cards (found at booth #5616) will be giving away four different promo cards for The Art of Robert Aragon: promo #6 (Thursday) through promo #9 (Sunday). Just in case you are wondering what happened to numbers 1 through 5, here’s the story. Cards #1 through #4 were released two years ago at Comic Con. Card #5 was found exclusively in the Oct/Nov ’13 issue of Non-Sport Update. Abent tells us the nine cards will make a complete promo set.

Here’s what you’ll find on promo cards #6 through #9:

  • Promo 6 – Colin Clive as Dr. Victor Frankenstein (given away Thursday, July 24th)
  • Promo 7 – Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster (given away Friday, July 25th)
  • Promo 8 –  Death Moth (given away Saturday, July 26th)
  • Promo 9 – Lon Chaney, Sr. as the Phantom of the Opera (given away Sunday, July 27th)

MNS Cards Convention Packs cover

Moving on to an item that needs a bit of explaining….MNS Cards will market The Art of Robert Aragon Comic Con Convention Packs 2014 at $40 each. Each pack is numbered (up to 1,500) and MNS has already started marketing the packs to dealers. Some 1,300 packs remained as of the end of last week. Each pack contains 15 cards including some which are brand new to this offering.

Here’s a run down of what will be inside the packs:

  • 5 base Cards
  • 3 Faces of Fear
  • 3 Vincent Price
  • 2 Classic Monsters (new)

Each pack will contain two to three of the following inserts:

  • Autograph cards including four which are new and exclusive to the Convention Packs including a double autograph cards from Children of Frankenstein
  • Wood Chase
  • Prop Cards
  • Double Prop Card (new)
  • Sketch Cards
  • Printing Plates (some of which are new to these packs)

Random packs contain redemption cards, which can be redeemed at Comic Con (booth #5616) or via mail. Fans will find redemption cards for:

  • Lithographs
  • Nine-card sketch sets (with new artwork made for the Convention Packs)
  • Original Artwork
  • Uncut sheets
  • Other surprises

And finally, MNS Cards will offer grab bags of older MNS Cards products that are $50 and $100. Abent tells us each pack will have values up to twice or more of the purchase price inside and will contain boxes, sets, autograph cards, sketch cards, and more.

MNS Cards Promo 6

MNS Cards Promo 6 back

The Art of Robert Aragon Promo 6 front and back

MNS Cards Convention Packs card fronts

MNS Cards Convention Packs card backs

New Art of Robert Aragon Autograph Cards

Cryptozoic Releases Info on The Walking Dead Season 3 Set 2 Binders

Written By: Harris Toser - Jul• 16•14

Cryptozoic LogoCryptozoic Entertainment has recently released new information on the binder and binder exclusive card for The Walking Dead Season 3 Set 2. CZE’s limited-edition binder will feature Rick and The Governor. And the exclusive binder card will be a wardrobe card for Andrea (Laurie Holden).

Sara Erickson, Cryptozoic Entertainment’s National Hobby Channel Manager explains that as Season 3 was the end of Andrea’s story line, the company thought it would be fitting to include Andrea’s wardrobe card as the binder exclusive.

Have a look at the binder and binder exclusive card below. For more information on Cryptozoic’s The Walking Dead Season 3 Set 2, be sure to visit their website.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Set 2 binder

The Walking Dead Season 3 Set 2 binder

The Walking Dead Season 3 Set 2 binder exclusive card

The Walking Dead Season 3 Set 2 binder exclusive card