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New Card Review: Stupid Heroes

Written By: Roxanne Toser - Oct• 31•14

I don’t know what it is about me but my favorite kind of collecting is crazy artwork like Wacky PackagesGarbage Pail Kids, Ugly Stickers, Slob Stickers and besides cards, I collect bobbin’ head dolls and my favorites are the ugly trolls from West Germany.

So, I’m always happy when there’s a new set like Stupid Heroes by Wax Eye. There are 24 packs in a box, with eight cards per pack. A complete set has 55 “a” cards and 55 “b” cards. As opposed to Garbage Pail Kids, the same artwork and title appears on both the “a” and “b” versions. The box I sorted was missing two cards: 44a and 30b. The box says “look for X-Ray Vision and 1 of a kind Sketch Cards” but there were none in our box. Two to three chase card premiums are offered per eight hobby box display.

Stupid Heroes

Stupid Heroes

Examples of the Stupid Heroes are Bitman (I bet we know another hero with a similar name), Irony Man, Bionic Booger, The Green Latrine, Stuporman and the Schnoz. There’s all kinds of information about the heroes on the backs of the “a” cards and puzzles and checklists on the backs of the “b” cards. The art is great because they’re painted by Neil Camera, Brent Engstrom, Joe Simko and Jeff Zapata who are well-known as Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kid artists.

Whether or not you like Super Heroes, you’ll love Stupid Heroes!

Stupid Heroes

Stupid Heroes

Stupid Heroes

Cigarette & Trade Card Catalogue 2015

Written By: Roxanne Toser - Oct• 30•14

Cigarette & Trade Card Catalogue 2015

Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how many non-sport and/or entertainment cards have been issued worldwide since the late 1800s? This is probably an impossible task but The London Cigarette Card Company, LTD has recently issued a 448 page catalog which combines former single catalogs for cigarette, trade and Liebig cards into one volume.

The book covers over 16,000 series and is nicely divided into five sections as follows: British Tobacco Issuers, Foreign Tobacco Issuers, Reprinted Series, Trade Card Series and Liebig Card Issues. With all that is covered in this book, there is not room for individual photos but there are 16 full-color pages of 148 illustrations. There are up-to-date prices in the book as well and you can view their site for ordering information The prices in the new catalog become effective 01/01/15. Orders previous to this will be charged 2014 prices.

Our friends in England do a wonderful job of providing non-sport card information from all over the world. The London Cigarette Card Company has been publishing catalogues for more than 87 years. We recently blogged about a beautiful book North American Tobacco Issues Part 1 – U.S. Nineteenth Century. This book was published by the Catophilic Society of GB Ltd. You may find some crossover in the two publications but the North American Tobacco Issues Part 1 is every tobacco collectors’ dream of the most information ever published on North American issues. Besides the 250 color illustrations, there is much historical information regarding early tobacco cards and illustrations of approximately 2,700 cards plus banners and albums. Non-Sport Update is the exclusive North American and Canadian distributor for this book and orders may be placed here.

Stan Strikes Again!

Written By: Harris Toser - Oct• 27•14

Stan Lee's ComikazeLast year, Topps turned Stan Lee into a Martian-fighting commando. With the help of Joe Jusko, Topps had the 91-year old Lee taking a “Ka-Pow” to a Mars Attacks alien in an awesome Jusko painting, which the company turned into promo cards and a print. This year, they’ve turned Lee into a Garbage Pail Kid! Yeah, that’s right….Lee begets “Smilin Stan” in a deluxe, limited-edition 11×14 print, which will be sold throughout this coming weekend’s Comikaze (taking place Oct. 31 – Nov 2 at the Los Angeles Convention Center). Look for the print at the merchandise booth (#953) on sale for $10.

Garbage Pail KIds - Smilin Stan

Topps has also revealed a new “B” edition of the Comic-Con Series 2 jumbo card print set, to be sold exclusively on These 11×14 prints feature pop culture and comic themed characters like “Bonus Jonas,” the “B” name of the all-new character created by Peter Bagge (and illustrated by GPK alum Brent Engstrom) for IDW Publishing’s upcoming Garbage Pail Kids comic book, releasing in December. Also be on the lookout for a special rare variant print of “Lick It Upton”— randomly inserted for lucky fans and limited to just 50 copies.

Topps’ Comic-Con Series 2 Jumbo Card Print Set (B Edition) will be available for pre-order on November 3rd exclusively on

More Info: For more information on Stan Lee’s Comikaze, be sure to visit the show website.

Garbage Pail Kids Comic-Con Series 2

Photo Gallery from the October 2014 Philly Non-Sports Card Show

Written By: Harris Toser - Oct• 25•14

Philly Non-Sports Card Show

The 61st Philly Non-Sports Card Show was held last weekend. It sure was a lot of fun! Non-Sport Update’s Cliff Tooker took many, many photos at the show and we would like to share some of those with you. You’ll also find more of Cliff’s photos on the Philly Non-Sports Card Show Facebook page (be sure to like the PNSCS Facebook page so you can see those as well) and you’ll find even more photos from the Philly Show taken by me on our NSU Card Talk forum. Enjoy!