58th Philly Non-Sports Card Show Report! Cards, Friends, and Fruit Labels!!

The 58th Philly Non-Sports Show presented by Non-Sport Update magazine was held this past weekend May 4th-5th and was a rousing success as there was an energy throughout the show all weekend. It’s getting tougher to write these reports as so much was happening that it’s.

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The 58th Philly Non-Sports Show presented by Non-Sport Update magazine was held this past weekend May 4th-5th and was a rousing success as there was an energy throughout the show all weekend. It’s getting tougher to write these reports as so much was happening that it’s hard to narrow it down into just a few paragraphs but I will give it my best shot!

The show had a long line as usual on Saturday prior to the opening as collectors were anxiously awaiting to get onto the showroom floor to seek out everything from vintage trading cards to the newest releases. Two dealers had an incredible display of 1950s and 1960s sets, wrappers, unopened packs and display boxes many of which are seldom seen; other vendors were offering modern cards with many hard to find chase cards from newly released sets including Marvel Greatest Battles, Iron Man 3, Bettie Page Series 2, and Superman: The Legend, among many others. There is always something for everyone at the show. Saturday was quite busy as collectors filled the aisles looking for cards to complete sets or to start collecting something new. There were raffles every hour on both days with some outstanding prizes donated by manufacturers and collectors, highlights being a Topps Star Wars Galactic Files printing plate boxed set and a number of binders from Topps including Star Wars Galactic Files and Garbage Pail Kids; Rittenhouse Archives also had a raffle every hour with many hard to find items including reward card bundles for Marvel and Star Trek; Cryptozoic Entertainment was handing out free packs of new releases including Alphas and Superman: The Legend. The modest admission fee gets you all this and more!

Cryptozoic Entertainment at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show

Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Miranda and George at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show (photo by Cliff Tooker)

Speaking of more, there are more and more free promos at each show as well! There were approximately 50 different promos being offered at the show through admission packs, manufacturers, dealers and artists that it’s a fun challenge in and of itself to track them all down! Breygent Marketing once again led the way with an astounding 17 promos, all offered in different ways – at the Breygent table, at dealers tables, and “mystery” promos that were distributed at Red Robin (four different) and one at the Card Talk gathering on Sunday morning. Rittenhouse Archives, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Topps, SideKick, Monsterwax, Cult Stuff, Viceroy Card Company, Rocket Ink Studios, Rusty Ink, Scifi Cards, Perna Studios, 5FINITY, Asylum Studios, Benchwarmer, Versicolor, and the Philly Show all provided to the promo cavalcade as well.

The manufacturers all had previews of upcoming releases for collectors to view and collectors have the opportunity to speak with all of them in a relaxed setting. Crytpozoic Entertainment offered previews of DC Comic Women of Legend cards including a binder and sketch card preview; Breygent had previews of Dawn New Horizons, Grimm, and American Horror Story; Rittenhouse Archives had Game of Thrones Season 2, True Blood Legends, and Star Trek The Next Generation Heroes & Villains autograph cards on display; Topps had samples of Ewok fur from the upcoming Star Wars set as well as Mars Attacks samples; and Monsterwax had previews of upcoming all original artwork sets. The Philly Show is often the only place to see these previews for the first time.

Traditions abound at the Philly Show, and a staple of the weekend is having the best artists in the industry set up at the show offering original artwork, prints, and commissions as well as interacting with collectors. The roster for the show included Sean Pence, Rhiannon Owens, Jeff Zapata, Mick and Matt Glebe, Lark Sudol, and Dave Sharpe. Artist Laura Inglis was set-up at Derek Woywood’s table; artist Chrissy Spallone was available at the Monsterwax table; fan favorite Warren Martineck was at the Rittenhouse Archive tables; and Wacky Package artist George Wright was also in attendance and offering original art. I saw many collectors at the show who picked up impressive artwork to add to their collections, and just to have a chance to look at the artist’s offerings and portfolios is not to be missed.

Breygent Marketing at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show

Breygent Marketing at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show (photo by Cliff Tooker)

Sunday morning is the Card Talk gathering and has been the norm it was filled to capacity. Harris Toser, Production Manager of Non-Sport Update gave Card Talk members an update of what to expect in future issues of the hobby magazine, and also announced popular artist Gary Kezele as a confirmed artist for the fall Philly Show. Harris did a fine job of standing in for a number of people who were unable to attend Sunday morning including Non-Sport Update Editor-in-Chief and resident comedian Alan Biegel who had car problems but was able to make it home safely. The artist’s gathered for a panel discussion about upcoming projects and other areas of interest to collectors. George Wright created quite a buzz as he displayed his collection of fruit labels, which he collects because they don’t cost anything so they are perfect for the collector on a budget! I think there may be some new fruit label collectors after this weekend! An impressive assortment of prizes were distributed to collectors including unopened boxes, uncut sheets, sketch cards, collecting supplies (from Bags Unlimited), goodie bags, and the grand prize a complete Spellcasters set. No one left without something and Cult Stuff provided promo cards as well as an exclusive Tilted Kilt card from Breygent Marketing and two artists cards from the Chicago Non-Sport Show.

An important aspect of the show, which was mentioned by many attendees over the weekend, is it is not just the cards that are important, but seeing so many collector friends who we may only get to see once or twice a year. This is another reason why so many collectors travel from all over the globe to be there. Our good UK friends “Hammer” and “Graham” were entertaining as always, collector “Curler” and his dad came from Canada and were welcomed back, as well as collectors from all over the country. We are a close community and there is plenty of after hour activities in which to spend time with others whether it’s at the Sands Casino, the Red Robin, or the lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn where you can find collectors gathering in the lounge almost anytime of the day (or night)!

As I said at the beginning, there is so much to see and do that I have only covered a small sampling of what to expect at the show. If you have considered coming please try to come out to the next show as every non-sports card collector needs to experience the Philly Non-Sports Show at least once, so then you will never miss another show. As the Borg would say “resistance is futile”!

Please note: You can see many more pictures from the 58th Philly Non-Sports Card Show in our Facebook album.

NSU Card Talk Artists Panel

The NSU Card Talk Artists Panel with Matt Glebe, Mick Glebe, Rhiannon Owens, George Write, and Laura Inglis (photo by Cliff Tooker)



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