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Announcing…Pop Art Con

Written By: Harris Toser - Jan• 06•12

Pop Art Con featuring 20-25 of your favorite artistsNon-Sport Update is very excited to announce the first-time-ever “Pop Art Con” (PAC) on June 10 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fort Washington, PA (Philadelphia area). PAC is a new show primarily made-up of artists, and lots of them! Collectors can expect to see a few dealers and manufacturers on-hand as well, but the focus will be the artist.

Artist have long been one of the most popular aspects of the Philly Non-Sports Card Show and we are delighted to add this new event focusing on them. Non-Sport Update Publisher Roxanne Toser explains “We love having the artists at the Philly Show and just don’t have room to invite all we want to invite. The new show will give us the opportunity to invite some of the popular artists we have had before and some new ones as well. Can you imagine a room full of dazzling art! You won’t want to miss it.”

Commitments are already in place from a couple of amazing artists and will announce the entire line-up soon. Please save the date and make plans to attend the Pop Art Con on June 10.

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  1. Chris says:

    this is long overdue, and a great idea. I have already marked this on my calendar. Can’t wait to see the line up of artist who will be setting up.

  2. Griffin says:

    Sounds really cool. Do you have a website up for this yet?

    • Harris Toser says:

      We’re working on that right now. One should be up pretty soon.

      By the way, and if you haven’t already seen it, you might want to take a look at yesterday’s entry. Cryptozoic Entertainment will be sponsoring two artists at the show (Gary Kezele and Tim Shay) and will be sponsoring a dinner and sending an art director to look at portfolio’s. We’re really excited about the show.

    • Harris Toser says:


      The new website is live now: Pop Art Con

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