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Baltimore Comic-Con Show Report

Written By: Harris Toser - Aug• 21•11

I visited the Baltimore Comic-Con yesterday for the first time. It’s a very impressive show, to say the least. We got there within minutes of the opening and found lines draping the building; there were long queues inside as well.

Artist Alley at the Baltimore Comic-Con is pretty much half of the show. The show boasts an outstanding array of talented folks. From a trading card perspective, we saw sketch cards on many of the artists’ tables, though most were of the PSC type rather then those created for official releases. There were just a few publisher booths at the show and just about no Hollywood involvement like you’ll find at Comic-Con International, New York Comic Con, and some of the Wizard World shows. It’s a true comic book show the way they used to be but on a very large scale. The lines for guest of honor, Stan Lee, were massive.

Promos picked up at Baltimore Comic-Con 2011

We found many artists in Artist Alley who currently work on cards (or have in the past) including: Edward Cherniga, Chad Ciconni, Jerry Gaylord, Laura Inglis, Kevin Leen, Brian Kong, Bill McKay, Rhiannon Owens, Sara Richard, Uko Smith, Allison Sohn, Bryan Turner, and John Watkins-Chow. This list is definitely not complete. Cards could be found at a few retailer booths including NSU Card Talk member’s non-sportcards (Derek), TBear (Ted), Zeno (Wayne) and others.

We’ve got a gallery of show photos below. Enjoy!

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