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Breygent Gets Grimm

Written By: Harris Toser - Apr• 09•12

Grimm logo

Breygent Marketing’s upcoming card series isn’t bleak, dour, or gloomy, but it may be Grimm. The company has just scored the license for Grimm, NBC’s police procedural fantasy drama. Grimm has been described as “a cop drama—with a twist…a dark and fantastical project about a world in which characters inspired by Grimm’s Fairy Tales.” NBC recently announced the series would be picked-up for a second season.

The trading card series from Breygent is expected to be released in August.

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  1. clayton cranford says:

    I would like to purchase Grimm collector cards, when and where will I be able to get them.
    Sincerely, Clayton Cranford

  2. Harris Toser says:

    Clayton~ The Grimm cards are now scheduled for later this Fall (sometime around October). Do you get Non-Sport Update magazine? Some of the dealers who advertise in the magazine will be selling boxes and sets of Grimm collector cards.

    If not, you might look through the advertisers’ section of our forum for those selling new cards. Here’s the link to that section:

  3. Matthew Fruin says:

    Hello, I Recieved two cards with the purchase of the first season of Grimm….After seeing them I became interested in having them all, yet dont know where to look for them. If they are available how and where can i get them? Thank You!
    Matt Fruin

  4. Harris Toser says:

    Hi Matthew~ The last time we checked in with Breygent (the manufacturer of the Grimm card series), we were told they should be coming in November. You’ll be able to find them at select hobby shops such as baseball card stores. The only shops that are likely to carry them, however, are those that carry a decent selection of non-sport cards.

    You will also be able to find them from dealers who advertise in our magazine (Non-Sport Update); and those that advertise in the retailers section on our forum (

    Finally, you might send Breygent an email to find out if there is a dealer in your area. You can contact them through their website:


  5. Karla Ceciliano says:

    Hope the cargs come soon, please let us know where to find them

  6. stephanie says:

    Love the Grimm series!Hope they keep it coming for a while.Breygent,of course, made a wise investment on this one.Many thanks and appreciation, Savvysteph@yahoo

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