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Breygent Marketing Sponsors Pop Art Con Artists and New Artists Announced

Written By: Harris Toser - Feb• 10•12

Breygent Marketing

Pop Art Con

We’re happy to announce Breygent Marketing as a sponsor of the upcoming Pop Art Con show taking place June 10 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ft. Washington, PA (near Philadelphia, PA). Breygent Marketing will be sponsoring many of the artists tables including Axebone, Rusty Gilligan, Meghan Hetrick, Laura Inglis, Brian Kong, Jim Kyle, Rhiannon Owens, Sean Pence, and Scott Rorie. Non-Sport Update publisher Roxanne Toser says “I am really happy the manufacturers are showing their appreciation of the artists by sponsoring them in various ways.” Breygent Marketing joins Versicolor Productions and Cryptozoic Entertainment as our first show sponsors.

In other Pop Art Con news, we have added four very talented artists to the line-up: Kate Bradley, David Quiles, Jerry Ma, and Scott Rorie.

Visit the brand new Pop Art Con website for information about Breygent Marketing and bio’s for the four new artists.

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  1. Graham says:

    Kate Bradley. Three guesses where you’ll find Batman!

    This really should have been a two day show.

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