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Breygent Marketing to Release Transformers

Written By: Harris Toser - Apr• 24•12

Those attending last weekend’s Philly Non-Sports Card Show with a sharp eye might have noticed two brand new promo cards for the long-delayed Transformers release from Enterplay. Breygent Marketing will be releasing Transformers in conjunction with Enterplay. The card series will feature cards based on all three movies and the animated series, Prime. The series will contain comic panel cards as inserts as well as sketch cards and autographs. Breygent is working on details as we speak and hoping to release Transformers in the Fall.


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  1. Boo says:

    having worked on the official comics it will be a blast to do cards on this set

  2. I had a blast working on this set and samples of my cards can be viewed on my Deviant Art Gallery :

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