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Cryptozoic Sets Up Shop At Comic-Con

Written By: Harris Toser - Jun• 27•12

Cryptozoic LogoLast week, Cryptozoic Entertainment announced they were setting up a temporary store in San Diego’s Gaslamp District during Comic Con International (Jul 11 – 15). The announcement came at the same time the company announced a special non-sport event for card collectors (now filled-up).

We wanted to find out more about the store itself so we went to Cryptozoic armed with a few questions. The company has already posted details on their website but we wanted a few more specifics. Here’s a brief Q&A with Cryptozoic’s Miranda Anderson.

Can you tell me a bit more about what will be stocked in the store? Specific items, if possible.

We will try to bring as much as possible, ranging from trading card releases like The Walking Dead Season 1 Trading Cards, to our board game releases like The Big Bang Theory: The Part Game. Fans can stop by to try to find sold-our products normally sold above MSRP.

The CZE website promises a free gift with purchase. Can you tell us any details on those?

This varies by product, but there are exclusive promotional cards for most of our board games. We also have cool CZE branded swag that could make its way out there, too!

Can you reveal any of the artists who will be signing in the store?

We have contacted a few, but I’m not sure if we have that set aside for a special announcement on our blog.One thing that I’m very excited for is Tim Shay being in the store creating DC Comics Batman: The Legend Trading Card oversized sketch cards. We are still confirming the time, but it looks like Tim will be there Saturday afternoon.

Will you have any celebrities on-hand?

A full list of our appearances has not been released yet.

Just for fun: Why should a Comic-Con show attendee cross the road to get to the Cryptozoic store?

I think the store is a great opportunity for Comic-Con attendees to get the most out of their week in the city! We are open late after the convention closes, and incorporate a lot of fun activities that are happening around the Gaslamp, largely due to our very wide spectrum of licenses! This a perfect chance to take a break from the crowds, sit down and play a game, meet some celebrities without fighting to get into Hall H, and check out some really awesome products! I don’t think the question should be “IF” an attendee stops by the store, it is “WHEN” and attendee stops by! Even if you don’t have a badge for the show, there is so much going on in the Gaslamp, you can always just get your comic/pop culture fix right downtown!

If you go….
The Cryptozoic Entertainment store will be located at 411 Market Street (between 4th and 5th Ave) in San Diego’s Gaslamp District. The store will be open during Comic-Con International.

Be sure to stay tuned to this blog for more info on Cryptozoic Entertainment’s store. We’ll be passing along info as it comes in. Also, for those lucky enough to go to Comic-Con this year and visit Cryptozoic’s store, be sure to look for copies of Non-Sport Update on the racks including the brand new Aug/Sep ’12 issue.

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