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Last Piece of the Castle

Written By: Harris Toser - Jan• 29•13

Last week, Cryptozoic Entertainment revealed the release date for Castle Seasons 1 & 2 and two chase cards on their website and here on the NSU blog. CZE tells us there’s one last big reveal—and we’re happy to help pull back the curtain.

In random packs of Castle Seasons 1 & 2, collectors will find an autographed wardrobe card. The card features Nathan Fillion’s show worn suit jacket along with Fillion’s autograph. Fillion plays titular character Richard Castle on the ABC drama. The autographed wardrobe card is one of a new wave of signed costume cards CZE is releasing—the company will also issue autographed costume cards in The Big Bang Theory Seasons 3 & 4 Trading Cards and The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Trading Cards. The Castle card will be found in one out of every 480 packs and is the only autographed costume card in Castle Seasons 1 & 2.

I asked Cryptozoic’s Miranda Charsky about the card and Charsky beamed “We were very fortunate that Nathan Fillion wanted to participate, and we were lucky that he was willing to sign enough cards to have a little fun with the content.” Charsky also added “In addition to card-signed autographs, fans can look forward to an authentic, card-signed autograph on a card featuring an authentic piece of Richard Castle Wardrobe! A fantastic collectible item for Nathan Fillion and Castle fans alike!”

The autographed wardrobe card is shown below. Nathan’s coat was on display at the Cryptozoic Entertainment table at the October 2012 Philly Non-Sports Card Show. At the show, we got an opportunity to photograph the show prop and even wear it! See our photos below.

You can read more about Castle Seasons 1 & 2 in Non-Sport Update‘s Aug/Sep ’12 issue. The issue also features one of the three promotional cards that have been issued for Castle Seasons 1 & 2. Be sure to also check out Cryptozoic’s Castle Season 1 & 2 product page.

Castle Autographed Memorabilia Card

Inside the coat was this unique label

Inside Nathan’s coat was this unique label

A close-up shot of the label

A close-up of the label

Cryptozoic's Miranda Charsky show off Nathan Fillion's coat to a collector

Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Miranda Charsky shows Nathan’s coat to a collector at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show

NSU Editor-in-Chief Alan Biegel models Nathan's coat

NSU Editor-in-Chief Alan Biegel models the coat for the camera!


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