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More Info on The Walking Dead Season 2

Collectors are patiently waiting on the release of Cryptozoic Entertainment’s The Walking Dead Season 2, some perhaps more patiently then others. Many forums have threads devoted to talk about the Cryptozoic series including one on Non-Sport Update’s Card Talk forum that is ten pages long..

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Cryptozoic EmblemCollectors are patiently waiting on the release of Cryptozoic Entertainment’s The Walking Dead Season 2, some perhaps more patiently then others. Many forums have threads devoted to talk about the Cryptozoic series including one on Non-Sport Update’s Card Talk forum that is ten pages long. At 20 posts a page, that’s 200 posts and a ship date hasn’t even been announced! The staff of NSU is patiently waiting too so we thought it was a good time to check in with Cryptozoic Entertainment Trading Card Brand Manager, Miranda Anderson, and see if Anderson would help answer some of the questions that been lingering on the boards.

Can you tell us how many boxes and binders are being produced? There seems to be a lot of speculation out there.
We’ve increased production from the 6,000 boxes that were made for Season 1 to just over 7,400 boxes for Season 2. There are certain limitations from the licensor that impact the number of boxes we are able to produce in the end, but we were very fortunate to have so many of the available cast members participate, which means more boxes for fans!

Same question for the binders. Can you tell us how many of those are being offered? Does the binder contain any extras and what is the SRP?
Binder production was increased to about 1,000, up from about 500 for Season 1. The binder will include a Wardrobe card—The Blue Bus Walker Uniform, Card number 33. I think this will be a fun card to collect as there should be a lot of variants out there due to the different colors and fabrics on the uniform. The binder SRP is $30.

I have read there will also be boxes at the retail level. Is this correct? And can you shed some light on the production numbers for those boxes/cases as well?
There will be “Retail” packs available in Target and Wal-Mart stores across the U.S.. We have produced about 68,000 packs for the two chains in hopes of capturing some of the millions of viewers of the show with a product that is much more casual, but still retains a chance to open an authentic Autograph or set-used Wardrobe piece.

What is different about those boxes vs. hobby boxes if anything?
These “Retail” packs are clearly identified on the foil wrap and will contain Base, Chase, Wardrobe, and Autograph cards. Trading card collectors should note that the insert ratio for Wardrobe and Autograph cards are considerably different from “Hobby” packs and more in line with what is typical for a retail SKU.

Your product page (on the Cryptozoic website) has a lot of information about the chase sets and inserts. Are there any other types of insert cards? I know you often like to hold off on announcing these until right before the product comes out to surprise collectors.
Our product pages and Facebook page are the best way to stay up to date on information but I also like to reward third party sites that really help to release accurate and relevant information to fans and provide a community setting for collectors! So, as a special treat, Non-Sport Update readers are the first to see the final reveal for the set, the Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan Dual Autograph Card! This card was given away at San Diego Comic-Con, and attendees had the chance to visit our store in the Gaslamp district to meet Steven and Maggie. We asked Steven and Lauren to sign a few extra, and will be giving them away to collectors as a redemption item in the set (the card is 5″ x 7″, so it won’t exactly fit in a pack!).

The Walking Dead Season 2 oversized dual autograph card

When exactly will the product ship?
I really wish I had a final date, but we are still trying to get our production window with our printer locked in. This is one of our biggest releases, so we are just as eager as all the fans to get this product out! As soon as we have a firm date (should be any day now), we will let everyone know!

You announced that Laurie Holden’s autograph card was received late for Season 1 and will be inserted in this series instead. Is this correct? Also, it was announced this will be a rare insert for Season 2. Is there anything unusual about the scarcity of this card?
Laurie’s Season 1 Autograph card will be a “Rare” insert in the Season 2 packs, that is correct. These cards are “Rare” because there are two versions, so while the chance of getting a Season 1 card is approximately 1:1.5 case, if you are looking for one in particular it will be about 1:3 cases, making it the rarest Autograph card in the set. Those are just rough estimates based on the number of cards and the quantity of cases produced, so don’t try to hold me to it later!

Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself here but when can we expect The Walking Dead Season 3 cards? Any plans for another comic book series? And any other Walking Dead sets in the works other then these?
Season 3 cards will be released by the end of 2013, but we are considering other configurations so that date could move up or back. Another set based on the comic books is already in the works, and should be released before Comic-Con next year! We are looking at all kinds of options to bring more Walking Dead content to fan, including ways to include signers from past seasons, webisodes, and more!

You and Scott are really good about reading the boards and responding to collector questions when possible. Is there anything else that you would like to add or anything else that would like to clear up from what you have been reading?
I really like using the message boards as a casual environment to interact with collectors, and while Scott and I do participate on the forums, it is only a fraction of the time that we actually spend reading and discussing topics internally. Based on that, I would just like to encourage community members to continue posting feedback and questions! A lot of times the beast of making cards is slow to respond, due to how far in advance we work on sets, but we do take a lot of what is said on the forums (both positive and negative), into consideration as we go along.

We thank Miranda very much for her time and look forward to The Walking Season 2 trading cards.


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