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NECA The Hunger Games Cards Available at Wal-Mart Friday DVD Event!

Written By: Batman - Aug• 17•12

Wal-Mart logoWal-Mart stores across the country will be hosting The Hunger Games DVD release with special events parties starting at 11:00 PM tonight (Friday, August 17th). Customers who purchase a DVD will receive a free pack of  NECA’s The Hunger Games trading cards and randomly inserted into these packs will be autographs from the actors including Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson. A source from NECA indicated that there will be cards exclusive to Wal-Mart included with the original The Hunger Games trading card release.

Non-Sport Update will be on-hand at one of the events so check back for updates, and attend a release party in your area! Locations can be found on Wal-Mart’s special Hunger Games page.

The Hunger Games DVD

Exclusive The Hunger Games DVD movie gift set with a mockingjay pendant and digital UltraViolet copy, available only at Walmart

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  1. Fred says:

    I’ll be going tonight. The closest participating Walmart to me is down in Coventry, RI.

    Looks like I’ll be taking a nap before this event, because 11 PM is past my bed time. LOL

    I’ll report back tomorrow on what I pulled.


  2. Fred says:

    I’m not a fan of the Hunger Games {HG} movie, but I did like it. Couple that with getting a free pack of trading cards and maybe even an auto from one of the actors in said pack…well, that was a little tempting, to say the least.

    I had to drive to Coventry, RI to get to the nearest participating Walmart {of course the two here in Warwick weren’t doing it}, but it was only a 20 minute ride.

    I got there and I had to ask an employee, in electronics, where this HG Event was taking place because there was nothing going on by the DVD section. And of all places he said, “Down by the jewelry department”. At 11 pm I found the line and also found myself in sixth place, too. People trickled in for the next 20 minutes or so, but around 1130 PM they really started piling in. I would estimate about 100 to 125 people were in line by midnight.

    I stood in line for 60 minutes to get the Rollback price {approx $3 off the regular retail price on either of the four options*} on this movie and a free pack of trading cards in the hope of getting an autographed card. Well, I struck-out with the “auto” card, but I knew my chances were very slim because the manager had one 800 count cardboard box filled with HG packs and only ONE of those packs had the autographed card in there. Since I was one of the first I got to pick my pack, but later on, as the lines grew bigger, the packs were just handed out.

    What really peeved me a little was, while waiting in line we were told by the manager that ‘..we could purchase the movie now for the regular retail price or wait for the Rollback price at midnight..’ but when I got to the register at 1205 AM the bloody thing rang up at regular price.
    I told the cashier to please take it back, because I don’t want it at that price. She told me, “the gentleman in front of you just bought two of them for his daughters.” I told her, “I don’t have daughters and in a few months it’ll be in your $5 bin”, so I left with just my cards and a small bottle of diet Pepsi. Most excitement I’ve had on a Friday night in years. LOL

    My brother had an even more disturbing time at his local Walmart, but I’ll leave that story for him to tell. If he decides to tell it. We were texting each other back and forth during the “event”.
    I know, I know…..Nerds. LOL

    In conclusion…it doesn’t look like I’ll be going to one of these “events” ever again. Just isn’t worth the gas or time, especially at midnight.


  3. Kelsey says:

    I got a signed trading card of Foxface !!!! How rare were these cards ????

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