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Card Collectors News Magazine Editor Steps Down, Loraine Speed Takes Over

Written By: Harris Toser - Jan• 19•15

After 36 years as editor of London Cigarette Card Company’s Card Collectors News magazine, Frank Doggett has announced he is standing down as Editor next month. Card Collectors News magazine has been published continuously since 1933 and in that time, has only had three editors. For comparison’s sake, Non-Sport Update has had five Editor-in-Chief’s since its 1990 inception, which many would consider a small number for a 25 year old publication. So to have just three Editors in 82 years is quite amazing!

Card Collectors News (2013)

Prior to London Cigarette Card Company, where he started in 1976, Doggett worked at London Transport, while the company was still based in Chiswick, London. In 1978 when the company was about to relocate to Somerset, he took over as editor of Card Collectors News magazine from Dorothy Bagnall. During his time at the magazine, Doggett saw the addition of a Set of the Month, color illustrations, and much more. He initially retired as a Director of the company seven years ago, but stayed on as editor of the magazine.

The new editor, as from March 2015, will be Loraine Speed. Loraine has worked at London Cigarette Card Company for many years and is looking forward to the challenge of ensuring the continuing success of the magazine.

More information: Visit London Cigarette Card Company for more information on Card Collectors News magazine.

Card Collectors News Editors Frank Doggett and Loraine Speed

Card Collectors News Editors Frank Doggett and Loraine Speed

Winning Cover Revealed

Written By: Harris Toser - Jan• 16•15

Vote for your favorite 2014 Non-Sport Update cover

Best of 2014Earlier this month, we asked readers to vote for their favorite Non-Sport Update cover from 2014. Our covers last year ran the gamut including properties from the worlds of television, animation, movies, original art, and even card collecting. We’re excited to announce the winner.

Perhaps our 25 year anniversary cover had a leg up on the competition given that it celebrated a momentous occasion and also had the advantage of including characters from many properties instead of just one but the 25 year anniversary cover won hands down with a fairly significant lead. The cover was painted by fan-favorite artist Jeff Zapata, who is known for his work on Wacky Packages, Mars Attacks, and Garbage Pail Kids and has also worked on Marvel, Red Sonja, and other card sets. The art for this cover was also turned into one of the red-border Philly Show cards as a celebration of NSU’s achievement and handed out at the October 2014 show.

In second place (once again, by a significant margin) was the Captain America: The Winter Soldier cover. The cover was done in conjunction with Upper Deck’s popular card series. Readers chose our Walking Dead Season 3, Part 2 cover as their third favorite.

Best NSU Cover of 2014

Kickstarting The Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series 3

Written By: Harris Toser - Jan• 15•15

RRParks CARDS has just launched its second Kickstarter campaign. This time, the aim is to raise $1,200 for a “completion fund” for Series 3 of the massive Chronicles of the Three Stooges trading card set. RRParks CARDS’ Richard Parks explains “while I’m putting the lion’s share into production, some completion funds will help the project proceed more smoothly AND will allow fans to be part of the project (and reap some rewards along the way). ” And speaking of rewards, the Kickstarter campaign offers many levels – from just $2 for a special promo card mailed out to you all the way up to $250 for “The Whole Deal” (basically, everything!).

Chronicles of The Three Stooges Kickstarter

In the first 24 hours, the campaign reached its goal. But don’t let that stop you. Parks tells us extra funds raised will go towards making these products better and will directly go into the products. He is currently working on stretch goals and stretch rewards as he had not anticipated reaching his goal so quickly. So if you’re a Three Stooges fan, a card fan, or promo collector, be sure to visit the Kickstarter page and have a look.

Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series 3 3D card

Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series 3 3D card

The front and back of a 3D Three Stooges cards—one of the two great subsets which will be included in the Chronicles of The Three Stooges Series 3

Astounding Prices!

Written By: Roxanne Toser - Jan• 14•15

There have been a couple of items mentioned recently, with astounding prices. On last week’s Antiques Roadshow, an unusual baseball item appeared. A woman brought in a collection of 10 cards of Boston Red Stockings players. The collection also included a signed letter addressed to her great-great grandmother who owned the boarding house in 1871 where the players stayed. Signatures included Albert Spalding and brothers George and Harry Wright. The appraiser stated that even though the cards had been slightly trimmed, she would value this collection at—at least $1,000,000.

The next night on Olbermann, noted TV sportscaster and sports card collector Keith Olbermann talked about this in his segment “World’s Worst.” He said the cards were actually clipped from scorecards for 1871 Boston games. The cards were a novelty used to sell more scorecards in order to obtain more cards but did not sell well. Although the cards are rare, there are two dozen different ones known. There are at least 100 of them in collections and Olbermann owns some himself. He disputed the appraiser’s $1,000,000 value but did not say what he thought they were worth.

In Robert Edwards Auctions held in the Spring of 2014, a 5¢ Mars Attacks unopened pack was offered with a reserve of $1,000. The pack sold for $11,850. The write-up for this pack and later information about its use for the Abrams Mars Attacks book led one to believe this is the only unopened pack ever seen. At one of the early Philly Non-Sports Card shows held at the Radisson Hotel in Trevose, PA, a walk-in approached one of the dealers with two—not one, but two—unopened Mars Attacks packs. The dealer bought the packs (unfortunately the price has never been told) and offered one of them to Mike Carbonaro who was a dealer at the show. Anyone knowing Carbonaro is aware he’s quite a character. Not believing this was a real pack, he immediately threw it across the room. The “very real” pack ended up with a hole in one of the corners. So what happened to this pack and what happened to the other pack? Seems to me, there’s more than one around.

Mars Attacks 5 cent pack

Mars Attacks 5¢ pack from Robert Edwards Auction 2014 Spring Auction