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Wizard World Adds China To Its Roster

Written By: Harris Toser - Feb• 04•15

We seem to be writing about Wizard World’s ever expanding line-up of comic con’s and specialty shows more and more here on the NSU blog. The latest news from the show giant has the company partnering with Chinese event and digital content provider China Branding Group Limited, through its FansTang subsidiary, to bring a pop culture convention to the People’s Republic of China. Much of the details have not yet been revealed but the show is planned for the weekend of May 30-June 1, 2015. This will be Wizard World’s first foray outside of North America.

Wizard World and Fanstang

“Producing an event in China offers limitless possibilities,” said John Macaluso, Wizard World CEO. “By partnering with a power player like FansTang we are best able to introduce Wizard World to fans there by producing the best possible event, opening the doors to many more opportunities worldwide.”

“FansTang is pleased to be partnering with WizardWorld on the introduction of Comic Con events in China, which will allow a massive fan base of Chinese and global comic related film, TV, toy and other properties,” said Adam Roseman, FansTang Founder & CEO. “We are excited to work with our local media partners and leverage our extensive reach of over 100 million young Chinese consumers to quickly increase the awareness of the new events coming to China.”

Why Do Trading Card Games Rule Kickstarter?

Written By: Harris Toser - Feb• 03•15

Kickstater campaign Exploding Kittens has received a tremendous amount of press in the past 10 days. For those who may not be familiar with the project, its pretty simple. Exploding Kittens is a card game where the object is to avoid drawing  an exploding kitten card and die. There’s a bit more to it than this, but not much—cards which allow players to diffuse the the action with a laser pointer or catnip, peek at the deck, and more. Certainly not complicated and a game that can be fun for the whole family. Exploding Kittens has been created by Matthew Inman, creator of popular online comic The Oatmeal, along with two partners.

The game itself is not so much the story as is the funding. The campaign goal was $10,000. It was raised in 20 minutes. Within the first hour, the campaign had reached 10 times its goal and within the first 24 hours, the campaign was at a million. Today, at nearly the halfway point of its 30 day campaign, it sits at over $5 million. The campaign has received press from Forbes, CNN, CNET, and hundreds of other news and tech sites. Exploding Kittens has more backers than any project currently on Kickstarter (over 100,000).

Exploding Kittens

From the Exploding Kittens Kickstarter campaign

A search of Kickstarter for trading cards brings up tons of trading card games but very few traditional trading card campaigns. In fact, the only current project we found is the Chronicles of The Three Stooges campaign from RRParks CARDS written about here on the blog a couple of weeks ago. Past campaigns include artist Evan Driscoll’s five successfully funded projects Studio Hades projects (the largest of which raised $1,566) and a smattering of others.

While Exploding Kittens is a wild anomaly and not the rule, this makes us wonder why trading card games can garner this sort of attention while traditional trading cards eek by their modest campaign goals?

Cryptozoic Entertainment raised over $2 million in June 2013 for one of its card games and Mantic Games raised a half-million for its Mars Attacks based game. Perhaps non-sports’ modest campaigns can be attributed to the lack of high profile projects? Imagine if Cryptozoic had used Kickstarter for one of its Walking Dead series? Or Upper Deck had launched a high end Marvel Kickstarter?

Tiffany Toth Signs Copies of NSU

Written By: Harris Toser - Feb• 02•15

Bench Warmer girl and NSU cover model Tiffany Toth signs copies of Non-Sport Update's Feb/Mar '15 issue

Late last week, NSU cover model and Bench Warmer girl Tiffany Toth stopped by Bench Warmer’s California office to sign copies of the Feb/Mar ’15 issue of Non-Sport Update. We’re excited to announce copies of a deluxe, autographed version of the current Feb/Mar ’15 will soon ship to those who pre-ordered copies. This special edition contains the complete 18-card Bench Warmer Dreamgirls promo set (the standard edition contains just one card) and a numbered certificate of authenticity along with the copy of NSU signed by Ms. Toth. Only 100 editions will be made.

There’s still time to pre-order a copy via the NSU Online Store.

Enjoy a couple more photos from the signing session shown below.

Tiffany Toth signs NSU

Tiffany Toth and Bench Warmer mascot "Benchie"

Tiffany Toth and Bench Warmer mascot “Benchie”


Christmas In January

Written By: Harris Toser - Jan• 30•15

2014 Faerie Metal Photography metal Christmas card

Everybody loves the holidays, right? Today, we’ve sprung up like the ghost of Christmas past with a new holiday-themed post.

Each holiday season for the past few years, we’ve presented a gallery of cards received from trading card manufacturers and others within the hobby. We received a few more this year and they were late in coming so we decided to extend the holidays by a month or so with this post.

We’ve added three cards to the gallery (below) this year: cards received from artist Brian Kong and manufacturers Faerie Metal Photography and Upper Deck. Enjoy!