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RMS Titantic Commemorated in Cards by Cult Stuff

Written By: Harris Toser - Feb• 24•12

RMS Titanic Commemorative Trading Cards P1 promo back2012 marks the 100th Anniversary of the RMS Titanic ill-fated final sail. To mark the occasion, Cult Stuff is releasing RMS Titanic Commemorative Trading Card Set. The series will be available in two varieties: a retail edition and a more insert-laden hobby version.

Cult Stuff’s Titanic series is not the first time the luxury liner has set sail in the hobby. Nor is it the second time. Two series were released in 1998 by two now-defunct companies. Inkworks released a movie card set packed in a “steamer trunk”, which was “limited” to 10,000 sets (can anyone image a hobby manufacturer limiting a series to 10,000 editions today?). Canada’s Dart Flipcards released a historical series that same year.

Cult Stuff’s release will be available in April or May. The series will have 27 basic cards which “will detail history and facts about the ship, crew, passengers, and the ship’s demise” according to Cult Stuff President Jason Johnson. The series will have plenty of inserts but according to Johnson, the real jewel will be the premium inserts, inserted one per hobby set. The premium inserts types will vary from set to set. Some will be sketch cards and Cult Stuff is keeping mum on some of the other types but has spilled the beans on one of them: cards containing real wood from the ship! The are expected to be inserted at a rate of approximately one per case (each case contains 10 sets). According to Cult Stuff, the wood cards are 100 percent certified and provenance is supplied with each card. Johnson says “I think this is a real first as no one else we can find has produced an authentic Titanic relic card.”


RMS Titanic Commemorative Trading Card Set promo P1

RMS Titanic Commemorative Trading Card Set promo P1


Johnson tells us the set is one of the most expensive series Cult Stuff has put together and thus, the hobby version will carry a premium price. Each set will cost approximately $80. Like most of the independent card companies, Johnson is very aware of collectors’ interest and strives to put a quality product together for hobbyists. He does realize, though, that $80 may be a barrier for some and thus the company will also issue a lower-cost, retail version. This version will cost a “great deal” less with the trade-off of far less premium inserts across the run.

Cult Stuff is particularly keen on pointing out the importance of paying reverence to the 1,517 people who died on April 15, 1912. Johnson says “it’s important to treat that with some respect. We are really very aware of that when we design and plan the cards out.”

Production for Cult Stuff’s RMS Titanic Commemorative Trading Card Set will be limited to just 50 hobby cases. Once again, with 10 sets per case, this works out to just 500 hobby sets. Numbers have not yet been set on the retail version but Johnson indicates it will be in the same neighborhood as the hobby version, or perhaps slightly more.

Keep an eye on Cult Stuff’s website and NSU Card Talk for further updates on the series.

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