Show Report from Chicago Non Sport Card Show – A Smaller Room But Still Plenty To Look At!

The Fall 2015 Chicago Non-Sport Card Show has now gone into the history books. Held at the familiar Carol Stream Holiday Inn on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 2 and 3, it was another fun and friendly show. It seemed like I was just here. And.

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The Fall 2015 Chicago Non-Sport Card Show has now gone into the history books. Held at the familiar Carol Stream Holiday Inn on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 2 and 3, it was another fun and friendly show. It seemed like I was just here. And in fact, I was! Less than a month before, Paul Maiellero’s Fall Festival was held there as well. A big difference, we were not in the same room as usual, but a slightly smaller room down the hall. Despite the room change, there was a good assortment of dealers and plenty of great cards.

The show always starts off with a batch of exclusive promos, this time a P11 Chicago Show card by artist Mikey Babinski, a Scifi Cards P42 with art by Dan Gorman, a 5FINITY Female Persuasion card, and two cool promos from Breygent Marketing—Women of Dynamite and American Horror Story: Asylum. Rounding out the promos was a 7-card package of RRParks CARDS promos, including the six-card puzzle depicting all six of the different Three Stooges.

Inside the conference room, the heavy hitters of cards were there, Kevin Bennett of K & J Non Sport Cards and Ed Webb of Scifi Cards, all the way from Arizona. Ed was somewhat of a surprise, after saying he probably would not make the show this time, he had done shows in Hawaii and Salt Lake City in the last couple of weeks, so he’s been putting in the miles and we were definitely happy to see him.

Chicago Non Sport Card Show


A smaller room but still plenty to look at

Breygent Marketing promo cards

Exclusive Breygent Marketing promo cards

Scifi Cards promo

Scifi Cards promo card

Other regular dealers include Looky Here Cards, Carl, John’s Flea Circus and Bryan Schemine, who had a large selection of old Viewmaster reels in original packaging. xVADER Cards was also present, with Card Talk’s own xTime. He had a great assortment of new and old cards with lots of singles of base and inserts and he loves to deal. A new dealer was Reel Art Collectibles, featuring movie and TV themed cards, toys and posters. I picked up a full set of Horrors of War for $30 from this new dealer! No, I’m not that lucky—it was the reprint set.

This show had a Star Wars: Journey to the Force Awakens theme–several dealers had boxes, sets and singles of this new set. Ed had a couple of parallel sets in green and black for sale, and a couple of us were able to complete or get close to completing the numerous insert subsets.

Mikey Babinski made his second appearance at the Chicago show, and he has been busy doing comics and sketch cards. He hopes to get busy on a set of portraits of the Firefly crew, which will eventually be available as cards or postcards.

As usual, Paul Maiellero had set up out in the hall with numerous items for sale and profits going to charity. He still has a few copies of the Connie Faye Sister Veterans print which I wrote about in the Fall Festival piece published here a couple of weeks ago. I picked one up—it’s a nice gift for female veterans and profits go the Manteno Veteran’s Home.

The Friday evening dinner at Alberto’s Restaurant was great time to relax and chat with fellow collectors and dealers. Alberto’s has good food, burgers, and a taco bar, and nobody went away hungry. Since Ed had announced he would be coming to Chicago late, we did not expect a special dinner promo, but he surprised us again with a metal variant of the Mikey Babinski show card, numbered to 30, along with a Rhiannon Owens promo.

Almost all the Chicago area Card Talker’s attended the show, NSU’s Scott Thomas and Bill DeFranzo, HippieJewel, Greg Geerts, Rod S., xTime, Lovesmesomecards, SteveTrek, Venom5liter, and Kennywood. When you get that many Card Talkers together, there’s bound to be some serious trading and I for one was happy to swap a bunch of my extras for some things on my want list.

The Chicago show is small compared to Philly but it’s a friendly show and there’s always something neat there. I am already looking forward to the next show—April 29 & 30, 2016. Artist Jeff Abar is already lined-up as a show guest. See you there!

Connie Faye's Sister Veterans

Connie Faye’s Sister Veterans

Friday Night's dinner at Alberto's

Friday Night’s dinner at Alberto’s


Something To Crow About

UD Gallery The Crow

Stocks Look Up, Up and Away!



  • wolfie October 6, 2015 Reply

    Thanks for the report, glad to see everyone had a great time at the show. :)


  • Jewel October 6, 2015 Reply

    It was a great time. Can not wait until April.


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