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Upper Deck Announces $200/Pack Marvel Series

Written By: Harris Toser - Jul• 13•12

Today at Comic-Con International, Upper Deck has upped the ante in the premium pack war by announcing a $200 per pack Marvel series. Upper Deck’s 2012 Marvel Premier will be released on October 2. The company calls this “the most premium comic trading card release of all-time.”

So what do collectors get for $200? From the press release…

There are just four cards in each pack, but they all pack a punch! First fans will receive a premium base card on thick card stock from the 50-card base set numbered to just 99 copies. Next they will receive a one-of-one sketch card from top Marvel artists. The third card is an industry first where collectors will find a dual, triple or quadruple hinged sketch card. These are really remarkable trading cards and we will be releasing images of them soon. The fourth card will be either a “Classic Corners” card, a Shadowbox card or an “Emotion” booklet card by Jason Adams and NAR!

2012 Marvel Premier base Deadpoll card

The press release goes on to say:

“For years we’ve seen die-hard Marvel fans pay big bucks for some of the premium inserts in our Marvel trading card lines,” said Jason Brenner, Upper Deck’s Marvel brand manager. “This is our first opportunity to provide them with a set of Marvel cards that are all high-end insert quality. This is certainly not a product for everyone which is why we are not making very much of it, but the fans it is targeted for are going to love it!”

In addition to NAR!, Upper Deck has many big name artists involved in the series including Cruddie Torrain and Jason Adams. In addition tot he hinged sketch cards, the series employs other new innovations such as Shadowbox cards making their debut in the entertainment realm. The “Classic Corners” subset is another one that comic fans will be sure to love that pays homage to some of the greatest Marvel comic corners of all-time in a premium patch card.

2012 Marvel Premier Classic Corners Fantastic Four


2012 Marvel Premier Shadowbox card Galactus vs Fantastic Four

2012 Marvel Premier Sketch Card Babisu Kourtis Spiderman Lizard

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  1. Scifi Cards says:

    Really? Have I missed Marvel collectors asking for a $200 a pack product? And only 99 base sets? It will be an interesting experiment, but I sure hope it does not become the norm. And, Rittenhouse has done Shadowbox cards so they aren’t exactly new to non-sport or even Marvel.

    I wish them all the success with this one, I hope they prove me wrong and find there is a market out there.

  2. GRAHAM HEAD says:

    This is beyond stupid.

  3. RY33 says:

    What’s the saying…”There’s a sucker born every minute”?

  4. RY33 says:

    If you spend $50 to get a “classic corner” card, a recreation of a corner logo from comics you probably already own, someone needs to kick you in the nuts with a pointy boot…repeatedly.

  5. weasel-king says:

    So based on the pic above, I assume “hinged sketch card” is just another way to say “folded sketch card”?

  6. yeah right says:

    So they’ve announced a card collection for Bill Gates and Warren Buffet? Cool, about time those guys got a hobby.

  7. mathew cagle says:

    I see alot of kool cards but will their b any gambit cards and $200 is just way to much for any cards even football panini playbook i am talking about u

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