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Vote for your Favorite NSU Cover and Win an Ugly Santas Sketch Card!

We recently asked blog visitors their favorite card sets of 2013. While we’re busy counting those votes and drafting that blog entry (we’ll have the results for you soon, honest!), let’s continue with another poll question taken from the good ole days when NSU used.

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Non-Sport Update 2013 covers

We recently asked blog visitors their favorite card sets of 2013. While we’re busy counting those votes and drafting that blog entry (we’ll have the results for you soon, honest!), let’s continue with another poll question taken from the good ole days when NSU used to conduct the annual Gummy Awards.

This time, we’re asking you to choose your favorite Non-Sport Update cover from 2013. There are just seven to choose from. Choose the cover you think was executed best rather then simply choosing the property you like best. If you thought one of these covers “popped” well or peaked your interest in a specific show or movie, choose that one.

And we’ll sweeten the pot a bit….For those of you who vote and  leave a comment below, we’ll enter you into a random drawling to win the Topps’ Ugly Santas sketch card shown below (with art by Neil Camera). Tell us below what you think would make a good Non-Sport Update cover for 2014.

Topps AOD Ugly Santas by Neil Camera

The Topps Ugly Santas sketch card is part of Topps’ Artists On Demand program. Via the program, collectors can purchase great Topps property sketch cards hand-drawn on Topps stock by an awesome artist line-up. Some of the artists include Jason Chalker, Brent Engstrom, Dustin Graham, Chris Mason, Joe Simko, Smokin’ Joe, Chris Thorne, Jeff Zapata, and of course, Neil Camera. The Topps properties change each month. Ugly Santas cards were offered in December. In January, Topps will be offering Hollywood Zombies, Capitol Hill Zombies, and Music City Zombies. The latter two are new titles especially create for Topps Artists on Demand.

For more information about Topps’ Artists on Demand and to view all available cards, visit the Topps site. Also, be sure to check out the Cards Online column in the upcoming Feb/Mar ’14 issue of Non-Sport Update for more about Topps’ AOD and other Topps online initiatives including binders and wall art.

So go head and vote and be sure to also tell us what you think we should feature on the cover next year for your chance to win. And while we’re talking 2014, and today being New Year’s Eve, the staff of Non-Sport Update would like to wish all of our readers a happy and healthy 2014. We hope you complete [nearly] all of your card sets in 2014 (hey, we know you like the hunt so you wouldn’t want to complete them all at one time, would you?).

Please note: Voting and the contest ends January 10, 2014. Winner will be announced on the Non-Sport Update Facebook page shortly thereafter.


Merry Moebius Mars Attacks Model


A Belated Holiday Wish



  • Chris Verdecchia December 31, 2013 Reply

    tough decision. If I went with my favorite property, it would be either The Hobbit or Fringe. If I went with the best cover though, it is Mars Attacks! Hands-down.


  • linglis December 31, 2013 Reply

    All the covers are really nice but Mars Attack is definitely my favorite for this year.


  • orangethirteen December 31, 2013 Reply

    Hobbit, hands down. Where are the cards for this movie tough? Smaug ate them I suppose.


  • Chip Leffler December 31, 2013 Reply

    Mars Attacks. The color is great. The image looks like it is going to pop right off the page.


  • Ted Dastick Jr. December 31, 2013 Reply

    I also went with the Mars Attacks cover. That artwork is fantastic!

    The Superman was a close second. I enjoy seeing artwork on the covers.


  • chris mixer December 31, 2013 Reply

    Superman! The colors & contrast jump off the page. Plus the art images are not seen as commonly as a major motion picture poster. Brilliant work NSU.


  • Manolito December 31, 2013 Reply

    Fringe my favorite Show , you will be missed.


  • David December 31, 2013 Reply

    I voted Mar Attacks. its one of my favorite card series of the year.

    For Next year. A Buffy returns cover would be great.


  • Joe Shugart December 31, 2013 Reply

    I just like the whole Mars Attacks and nobody does it like Topps does it!


  • Erik Hotton December 31, 2013 Reply

    It was a tossup between Superman and Mars Attacks. The artwork covers are my favorites.


  • Aust December 31, 2013 Reply

    Would be the American Horror Story cover for me. Great cast image and looking forward to the full set in 2014.


  • Miguel Marrero December 31, 2013 Reply

    I voted Mars Attack, it just looks awesome.


  • Bill Zeralsky December 31, 2013 Reply

    Voted for Downtown Abbey (I corrected the spelling on the cover- LOL!) Its impressive and its looks 3-D. Its the only issue that I don’t have from this NSU year.


  • Doreen Davis December 31, 2013 Reply

    MARS ATTACKS!!!!!!


  • wolfie December 31, 2013 Reply

    Next year I’d like to see one of the smaller manufactures have one of their sets for the cover, a Monsterwax or Perna’s etc or failing that how about a dual UK cover showcasing the latest release from Cult-Stuff & Unstoppable.


  • John Oder December 31, 2013 Reply

    I voted for Mars Attacks, because I like the art work.


  • Barrett December 31, 2013 Reply

    I voted for Mars Attacks because it is a colorful fun image. Next years I would like to see a cover for The Rittenhouse Buffy set (if it is coming out next year)!


  • Raven December 31, 2013 Reply

    I really liked the American Horror Story cover because of the way the characters fitted into the photo puzzle, but I had to choose the Mars Attacks Invasion cover because of the outstanding colors and the fact that it really is the perfect artwork for non-sport cards.

    Next year a cover for the new Buffy set must be a given if it is produced. I would like to see Game of Thrones get a cover also because it is now the best show on cable and RA’s cards have been outstanding.


  • Chris Loftin December 31, 2013 Reply

    Mars attacks was awesome! Happy new year!


  • Marty Kircher December 31, 2013 Reply



  • Stephen Vermac December 31, 2013 Reply

    Sarah Michelle Gellar/Buffy (with the announcement of her signing cards)would be a great cover, especially with the impact and legacy the Buffy Inkworks sets have had on our hobby.


  • Mccheese8472 December 31, 2013 Reply

    I voted for Mars Attacks, it was done very nicely and very colorful. As for 2014.. I think Adventure Time should be featured so it can appeal to kids as well as the adults…AKA Big Kids!


  • Ed Webb December 31, 2013 Reply

    I’d love to see a Sons of Anarchy cover in 2014. And I’m sure we’ll see the return of Buffy to the cover as well!


  • Don Norton December 31, 2013 Reply

    I love painted art covers, so it was definitely Mars Attacks, but Downton Abbey and American Horror Story covers were also very classy.


  • Will Mercer January 1, 2014 Reply

    Had to vote for the Mars Attacks. The colors just jumped out at me.


  • Steve Kitsberg January 1, 2014 Reply

    Voted for the Hobbit. I really liked the movies. Lets see a GPK cover. The GPK fans buy them as fast as Topps puts them out.


  • Robert Gross January 1, 2014 Reply

    Hands down, the Mars Attacks! cover was the best one this year – probably my favorite cover over the past several years.


  • NL January 1, 2014 Reply

    Voted for Downton Abbey cause I still can’t believe we’re gettin’ freakin trading cards!!!!


  • Rudy (NSU name: chesspieceface) January 3, 2014 Reply

    For 2014, I would like to see a cover for the “Breaking Bad” card set that is supposed to come out this year.
    As for last year’s covers, all of them were truly excellent, and there were some nice ones on the price guides, as well.
    The Topps Mars Attacks Invasion cover is the same image used on the binder for that set, which is also terrific looking, so I voted for that.


  • kevin January 3, 2014 Reply

    I Voted For Mars Attacks Invasion Cover , I’d like to see a cover of NSU featuring Perna Studios and their cards :)


  • Kevin S. Doughty January 3, 2014 Reply

    I almost picked the “Fringe” cover because it featured one of my favorite sets. But the “Mars Attacks!” cover was the best because it was the most attention-getting cover. The artwork, layout, and colors all worked together to make even the casual observer want to pick up the magazine. Great job!


  • RevJay January 3, 2014 Reply

    Superman was my favorite as a kid, and is still my favorite even today!


  • Stephane Cote (@stefoux) January 3, 2014 Reply

    I voted for Mars Attacks Invasion cover. The artwork is just great and colourful.


  • Debi Cole (dcole) January 4, 2014 Reply

    Would love to see a cover featuring some original artwork related to that issue’s contents. And maybe like the New 52 comic covers last year, make it lenticular. :-)


  • Joe C January 4, 2014 Reply

    Easily Mars Attacks. Nothing else compares


  • Sharon January 4, 2014 Reply

    I voted for Downton Abbey. So very excited about this set.


  • Mike Tilford January 5, 2014 Reply

    Mars Attacks for me. That cover just catches my eye every time I look at it.

    2014 is another story. What should be on the cover? That is a tough one with so many great card topics coming up this year. I liking the older TV shows would love to see The Six Million Dollar Man/ Bionic Woman via The Complete BIONIC Collection from Rittenhouse…

    Happy New Year to everyone!



  • Clifford Tooker January 6, 2014 Reply

    I’ll go with the artist over the stock images we see in company promos, so Mars Attack jumped off the cover for me.. As for 2014 I think the renewed interest and multiple TV and movies produced on Sherlock Holmes require a look at the card sets available. Cult-Stuff has a set that includes original pieces of the Strands publication of stories by Conan Doyle.


  • Michael Jones January 10, 2014 Reply

    Looks like I’m not alone here. Mars Attacks all the way…


  • Gary Fleming January 10, 2014 Reply

    I hates Hobbitses. But I like the cover.


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