Non-Sport & Entertainment Trading Card News from Non-Sport Update is a sister-publication of Non-Sport Update magazine. Our writers include:


Alan BiegelAlan Biegel began collecting non-sports in 1990, with the acquisition of a Mars Attacks reprint set he chanced upon at a local antiques fair. Since that time, he has amassed a respectable collection that spans six decades. Specializing in cards from the 1950s & 1960s, he feels that no set is truly complete without a wrapper to go with it. Alan began writing for Non-Sport Update with Volume 10, Number 1 (1999) and has had at least one article published in every issue since. In April 2002, he was featured as the subject of a Philly Non-Sports Show promo card. Alan assumed the position of NSU‘s Editor-In-Chief with Volume 13, Number 6 (2002).

Harris ToserHarris D. Toser began collecting non-sport cards in the mid-1970s. He helped start the Toser family-run non-sport mail order business with the release of the first Star Wars card series. He has been a full time Non-Sport Update employee since 1991 and has been the administrator of Non-Sport Update’s online forum, Card Talk, since its inception in 2000. He currently serves as consultant to Beckett Media.



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